BLAST is a series of workshops and presentations bringing artists, scientists and technologists together to interact, experience and share practice from Feb-June 2015. The BLAST initiative aims to foster new connections, interactions and collaborations between participants in a stimulating hands on experience centred on doing.

BLAST provides the opportunity to engage with an ever expanding community of practitioners keen to work and interact across established boundaries, opening up new possibilities for future collaborations and events.

BLAST is hosted by Bournemouth University and aims to celebrate, reinforce and nurture world leading arts, science and technological interactions.


Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (aka boredomresearch)

BLAST Co-ordinators, Bournemouth Media School

Email: info [at] blastevent.net


boredomresearch would like to thank Bournemouth University for funding the BLAST initiative through the Fusion Investment Fund and the Visual Research Group (National Centre for Computer Animation) for supporting the documentation of the BLAST events. A big thank you to: Dr Iain Green (Lecturer in Biological Science) who has been instrumental in setting up the science lab workshops; Neal White (Associate Professor in Art and Media Practice) for supporting the workshops in the Co-Lab; the RedBalloon team who have enthusiastically been filming the talks and workshops; Mike Rowley (Technical Officer) for his helpful support in the SciTech lab; Zoe Leonard (Research Events Co-ordinator) and Sian Hedger (Marketing Co-ordinator) for their marketing support and last but not least Jane Whitaker (Finance and Resources Assistant) for all her admin support.

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